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Sun Tracker AR is an advanced sun tracking app with a clear and intuitive interface. The app provides many great features and visualizations and does not bother you with any ads.

Solar Path AR

+ Augmented Reality projection of the Solar path for the current user location.

Sun and Shadow 3D visualization

+ Interactive 3D visualization of the Sun's position on the Map. A powerful way to visualize which side of a property will get the most sunlight.

+ Interactive 3D shadow simulation. Set a tree or a box on a spot on the map and project where the object casts a shadow throughout the year.

Day & night map

+ The map shows daytime and nighttime boundaries on Earth.

Essential data tables

+ Along with the data visualization, the app also provides the essential ephemeris such as the length of the day and night, sunrise, sunset, golden hour and twilight (astronomical, nautical and civil), and Sun position (altitude and azimuth).

+ Upcoming Sun events: solar eclipses, solstices and equinox.

+ Right ascension and declination.

Calendar notifications for Sun events

+ Plan events and set them into the Calendar. The Sun Tracker AR app creates a new custom calendar under your 'Calendar' and adds the selected Sun events into it. You can either set a one-time notification or create daily alerts.


+ Stay tuned with our widget. The widget displays the time of the sunrise and sunset and the time offset from now.

* The Free version supports Sun's positions and data today at the current user location. We offer In-App Purchases, our Premium version enables you to search for any place on earth at any time and save your favorite locations.
The Premium version users have access to a detailed overview of all Sun's positions, sunrise and sunset for the entire year. The Premium version provides the visualization of the Sun's path for the entire year and any date.


Purchasing Solar Shades for New House

"We bought a new house in the desert. Selecting the correct solar shades is largely about understanding sun position during the summer. This app was PERFECT. Just select the day of the year and then point the camera out the window. The app superimposes the sun track and notes the position at different times of the day. Every window-covering designer / sales person should have this."

Very well-designed

"Shows the position of the sun at any time throughout the day. A really great app. Very well-designed and written. I actually was only looking for something to show the angle of the sun above the horizon, because I like to wait until it’s only 30° or lower in the summer, to avoid sunburn. This app does that and a lot more."

Amazing app

"Very accurate!!! Very helpful when I work on my videography, and it’s free? You can’t beat that! Thank you!"


"Within 1 minute of using I’m beyond impressed. Excellent app!"

About us

Sun Tracker AR has been created and maintained by Redwoods, a Dutch iOS app developer. Redwoods create apps and informative websites for fans of natural sciences, geography and astronomy. Our passion for the natural sciences and an extensive experience with the development allows us to merge the science with the latest iOS features and enhance the user experience and data visualization.


We love to hear your feedback and suggestions! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or comments.

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